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Andrey Filatov Plans to Organise the Alekhine Memorial in Louvre and in One of the Russian Museums The joint owner of the company "N Trans" and the sponsor of the forthcoming World Championship match Andrey Filatov does not intend to stop after the Moscow event.

The businessman plans to hold the Alekhine Memorial in Russia and France. "There is an idea to organise a tournament in his [Alekhine] memory, which could be held, for example, in the Louvre louis vuitton shoes 2013 and one of our best museums: half a tournament there and half here. I already making arrangements in that respect", said Filatov in his interview to the "Kommersant" newspaper. Some time ago, the businessman financed the restoration of the monument to the fourth World Champion in Paris. "I think that he is a unique figure", says Filatov, "a great chess player with a complex and controversial fate. He left Russia: he run away from the revolution. And then, in France, he cooperated with the Nazis, explaining that he tried to save his Jewish wife from a concentration camp. There is a normal attitude towards Alekhine in Israel, by the way. And we, in any case, must recognise the achievements of our compatriot, who was an outstanding player and died undefeated." You can read Filatov interview in full (in Russian). "A President of a Chess Federation Should be Selected by Chess Players and Other Chess Representatives", Andrey Filatov Thinks The sponsor of the World Championship match in Moscow Andrey Filatov doesn have any ambitions to become the Chairman of the Russian Chess Federation Supervisory Council, louis vuitton bags ksa if Arkady Dvorkovich left it for any reason. Filatov stated this in an interview to the "Kommersant" newspaper. The businessman added that, in his view, the model, used in the Russian Chess Federation and other federations with a supervisory council, louis vuitton purses 2015 isn right. "There must be a normal election of a head of an organisation, like in the past. RCF President Filatov Is Nomintaned For FIDE Vice President The Supervisory Board louis vuitton neverfull old of Russian Chess Federation unanimously nominated Andrey Filatov for the post of the Vice President of FIDE. The elections are scheduled to take place in August in Tromso following FIDE presidential elections. Andrei Filatov. Image ITAR TASS Andrey Filatov Has No Intention to Become FIDE President The president of the Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov told our website that he has no ambitions to head up FIDE if offered: "First of all, the current FIDE president is good enough. Secondly, this position is extremely time consuming and is related to enormous number of air travels. So, I got neither time nor desire for that." Moscow: Ilia Smirin Thinks That Anand Is Playing Poorly, but He Has Gained an Initiative Again In the exclusive interview for our site, the grandmaster and commentator of the World Championship Match (currently played in Moscow) Ilia Smirin assumed that the initiative, "has temporarily gone to Anand again". Department of the Treasury have made big problems for FIDE. This has been claimed by RCF President Andrey Filatov yesterday at his interview to the R Sport Russian website. We are giving some of the excerpts translated into English, including this one. Elite Round Robin Petrosian Memorial to Take Place in Novotel Moscow City The chairman of the organizing committee is President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan Ilya Levitov on FIDE: "There Not Such an Organisation. Their Actions Are Supported Neither By the Idea, Nor By Any Plan" Ilya Levitov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation, strongly criticised the international chess federation in the recent interview given to Sport Express : 120th Anniversary of the Only Undefeated World Champion Alexander Alekhine (1892 1946) would have been 120 today. Fourth World Champion and the first Russian Champion was born in Moscow.

He didn spend the years lived in the Russian Impire and later in the Soviet Russia on chess only: namely, he graduated from the Moscow Polivanovskaya Gymnasium and the Law School in St. Petersburg. He worked as a legal investigator in CID and as a translator in Comintern (the Communist International).

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