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    Greta sale 34vu1158
    Greta sale 34vu1158

Greta sale 34vu1158


* Monogram Multicolore canvas, microfiber lining-Golden brass metallic pieces
* Practical wide zip opening
* Inside flat and phone pockets, interior D-ring (to attach a pouch or key-holder)
* Shoulder-carried
* Adjustable shoulder strap ...

hye's fashion style under scrutiny Fashion eagles debate the style of South Korea first woman President.

FASHION would seem an unlikely topic for discussion in the male dominated world of politics. But with more women entering politics and ascending to positions of power, it has become a frequently raised topic. leaders are getting more attention for their fashion because there isn a set of specific sartorial rules and guidelines as in menswear. For men, suits are the appropriate louis vuitton bags dillards choice for formal settings and have become like uniforms. But for women, there no style that is accepted as the appropriate for formal settings. People expect different styles from women leaders and show more diverse responses to it, said Geum Key sook, professor of textile art and costume design at South Korea Hongik University. Ever since President Park Geun hye was sworn in as South Korea first woman president in February, Park has received mixed comments on her style, something that her predecessors didn get. Some of her styles have been criticised for being non descript and old fashioned, while others were reminiscent of the elegance and grace of her late mother, former first lady Yuk Young soo. Park style has been either pantsuits for local events or traditional Korean hanbok for formal banquets, especially on overseas trips. pantsuits are well tailored, do not really look rigid, and have interesting seam details. The soft louis vuitton agenda a5 and well tailored pantsuits suit her image well, said London based Korean fashion designer Eudon Choi. Another veteran fashion designer, however, said the shape of Park pantsuits was not very flattering to her figure. Park suits connect with the past through custom made formal skirts or pantsuits reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s, the time when she was in her 20s and 30s. Some designers say it can be interpreted as maintaining the old elegance of her generation. must have elegance in their style. I think Park has the elegance she needs for her role, said a Seoul based fashion designer who wished to remain anonymous. what different from other women leaders is that she keeps her elegance connected to the average people. Meanwhile, reactions to her hanbok style are varied. are formulas in hanbok style that accentuate a wearer dignity and status, said the hanbok designer, who wished to remain anonymous, but added that Park still had to get used to the traditional gown. should wear hanbok more often, perhaps during her free time, just walk around in it in the Blue House to become at ease wearing it, she said, referring to an incident in London when Park tripped on the skirt of her blue hanbok while getting out of a car. Some designers said Park should wear more clothes and accessories made by Korean designers as she is in a position to give much exposure to clothes by local designers. A traditional Korean hanbok is the President dress of choice for official banquets, as seen here at a banquet at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth II during her state visit to Britain earlier this month. AFP PHOTO could help the Korean fashion industry by gently used louis vuitton purses wearing things by Korean designers when she goes abroad, the veteran designer said. Choi said designers brands can get the spotlight after their clothes are worn by famous figures, such as when Kate Middleton wore a draped blue jersey dress for her engagement, launching its creator, Issa London, to global fame. Geum of Hongik University agreed the President holds power to give publicity to a particular brand or designer she wears, which can stimulate the louis vuitton alma bb review whole fashion industry.

will definitely help the fashion industry develop. I don think she willing to promote what she wears as fashion wise, she a reserved person, but that will certainly help designers and the fashion industry, she said. The Korea Herald/Asia News Network.

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