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    Rock Flower Bag Charm official online sale y720191c

Rock Flower Bag Charm official online sale y720191c


* Antiqued brass and resin
In on-trend vintage-look brass and perforated resin, this original bag charm plays on Louis Vuitton's signature Monogram flowers and engraved nails.


Dangerous situation brewing in Ngaruawahia OPINION: The campaign against methamphetamine dealers in Ngaruawahia has predictably escalated into something more sinister and dangerous than running a few undesirables out of town.

It was always going to do that. What began as an ill advised campaign of vigilante law enforcement, supported by many in the little town, has now advanced to shots being fired at a vehicle and threats of violent retribution. It may also be that the police are not as concerned about inter gang disputes, lethal or not, than they would be if other members of the community were at risk. Tribal Huk, the gang, for want of a better description, which claims to have taken illegal action against suspected drug dealers, has louis vuitton bags greenhills previously won well deserved admiration across the country for their work in feeding school children on a massive scale. There were clear warnings some years ago that, if the methamphetamine trade in New Zealand was not vigorously stamped out, there would come a time when it would assume epidemic proportions. Given the number of serious crimes of late in louis vuitton of atlanta which methamphetamines are implicated and the amount which has been intercepted at our borders, it is fair to assume that day has arrived. We have a growing list of multiple murders and suicides, louis vuitton neverfull mm vs gm ruined lives and shattered families all related in some way to the availability of hard drugs and methamphetamines in particular. We are without doubt facing an epidemic as serious and dangerous to vulnerable people as the influenza epidemics which swept through the country in the early part of last century and we need the same united and determined response. We are therefore faced with a number of options. They include more of the same police work, detection and prosecution which probably means we will have to endure more of the same level criminal activity and harm to the community as the police are not making a lot of headway as things are. For every dealer they put behind bars and every poisonous kilo they stop at the borders, many more go undetected. Given that our young people seem to be the target of this evil trade, more of the same is obviously unacceptable. The recent activities in Ngaruawahia therefore should be seen as more of a cry for help than anything else from that little community and there are no doubt other towns with the same problem. Our criminal justice system is designed to either rehabilitate criminals back into the community or lock them up for the safety of others. If anything, other than people, was putting our youngsters in such danger, the reaction would be swift and permanent but have these dealers louis vuitton purses official website divorced themselves from civilised society and forfeit any merciful consideration by their trade? By deliberately targeting vulnerable young people, methamphetamine dealers are not entitled and too dangerous to be allowed to live in any civilised community. That leaves us with two further options, life in prison without parole or the reintroduction of capital punishment. The situation we face is really that serious.

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