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    LV Initiales Damier Belt discount sales outlet 88k0j261

LV Initiales Damier Belt discount sales outlet 88k0j261


* Shiny golden LV buckle
* Damier canvas
* Nubuck leather lining
This iconic and timeless belt with a larger strap and buckle is perfect with jeans, for a casual look.


Margarita Cupcakes Baked Into Margarita Glasses friend Mike I go out for burritos margaritas ( about once a month, so when his birthday arrived, I wanted to make a cake that related, somehow.

(Actually, I think I promised him a cake filled burrito baked into a cake.) A burrito cake seemed out louis vuitton alma collection of my skill/patience level, so margarita cake was! Is such a thing possible? Of course, and of course the PPK have mastered it in Vegan louis vuitton agenda kugelschreiber Cupcakes Take Over The World. But, even though I love Mike, and cake, and margaritas, louis vuitton vernis agenda review I was only feeling ho hum about this endeavor: I guess I bake some cake. But a birthday and a recipe this good deserve something special, over the top, and a little bit trashy! And so. baked the cake into margarita glasses. Safety Alert: I had no idea if this would work, and no idea if it would work for anyone else. I picked out sturdy looking glasses at the thrift store, so maybe they were sturdy or maybe I just got lucky. This might be really dangerous! But it worked perfectly. I stuck a cookie sheet in the oven, filled each glass and set it carefully on the sheet, and baked them for a bit longer than the recipe said (because they were each about the size of 2 or 3 cupcakes). These are truly louis vuitton shoes red sole margarita cupcakes there tequila in the cake and the frosting (the cake is obviously cooked but the frosting is not), and the zest juice of a million limes. I just bought 2 bottles of tequila from the corner store, using the darker tequila in the cake and the lighter in the frosting. Why? Whim. I use darling but far from industrial strength mixer, buttercream never comes together perfectly.

It was a bit more wet than fluffy, but it tasted sooooo good. I spread a thin layer on the top of each cake, mixed together lime zest, sugar, and kosher salt, and made a "salted rim" on the outer edge of the frosting. Since I was taking these to a surprise party, wrapped each in and tied on uber cheap green ribbon from the dollar store.

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