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Montaigne Clutch official online sale v6m45616


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Marco Muzzo to be sentenced March 29 Marco Muzzo says he feels "great remorse" after driving drunk, but the mother of the children who died louis vuitton agenda pm review in the crash says she doesn't want to hear what he has to say.

Jennifer Neville Lake and her husband, Edward Lake, left the courtroom as Muzzo took the stand, and only returned when he was finished speaking. Neville Lake said she acknowledged that the Crown is asking for the "highest ever" sentence in a case with multiple fatalities, but said the sentence doesn't mean much to her family. Muzzo will be sentenced on March 29. The judge announced the sentencing date after Muzzo, who has not previously spoken publicly about the crash, took the stand on Wednesday in Newmarket, Ont. The Crown has recommended a sentence of 10 to 12 years in prison, and a driving ban of eight to 12 years at the end of the prison sentence. Muzzo's lawyer is suggesting eight louis vuitton bags duplicate years in prison, less time already served in police custody prior to the sentence. Neville Lake said she thinks of the sentence suggestions in terms of how old her children would be at that time. If Muzzo were to get out of prison in 2.5 years, her daughter would have been starting school, she said. Nine year old Daniel Neville Lake, his five louis vuitton alma pm damier year old brother Harrison, their two year old sister Milly, and the children's 65 year old grandfather, Gary Neville, died after the van they were in was hit by an SUV north of Toronto on Sept. 27. The children's grandmother and great grandmother were also seriously injured in the crash. "He chose to do his part, and I'm living the consequences," Neville Lake said. "Every single thing is gone because someone decided to drink and drive." Earlier on Wednesday, Muzzo told the court he knows his words will be of no consolation, but that he wanted to apologize to those affected, "from the bottom of my heart." "I'm at a loss of words," he said, addressing the court. "I wish that I could give back your family that I have taken." Muzzo said he prays every day for the Neville Lake family, and that he plans to spend the rest of his life "trying to atone" for his actions. "I will be forever haunted by what louis vuitton kusama agenda price I've done. I am truly sorry," he said. Statements from character witnesses Muzzo's lawyer, Brian Greenspan, took the stand to read accounts from character witnesses, including Muzzo's priest and his uncle. The priest, who Greenspan said has been integral in Muzzo's life since the death of his father, wrote that Muzzo has displayed "great concern" for the Neville Lake family. A friend described Muzzo as humble and respectful, and "a friend to all." The friend wrote that he drew strength from Muzzo, and sees that the man has been "tormented" since the crash. "I read this letter because it embodies the sentiment from the community," Greenspan said. "A tormented and shattered spirit as a result of guilt and grief." Greenspan said the letters had a "consistent theme" of anecdotes that show Muzzo as a good person. He read letters from a neighbour, another friend, employees and a nurse who treated his father. He then read letters from Muzzo's fianc and his mother, before finishing with a letter from his uncle.

"He is a human who made a mistake, a deadly mistake," Marc Muzzo wrote. "All I can say is he's a human with a compassionate heart and a generous nature." After reading the letters, Greenspan said his client has accepted responsibility for the crash, and that Muzzo will accept whatever punishment the judge imposes.

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