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jobs and continuing low rates James Saft is a Reuters columnist.

The louis vuitton bags limited edition 2014 opinions expressed are his louis vuitton repair atlanta own. HUNTSVILLE, Ala. employers appetite for both lawyers and big box stores, two excellent reasons to expect monetary policy to remain loose for a long time to come. In fact the underlying theme, an economy that uses technology to efficiently dispense with labor, raising productivity but forcing many into difficult transitions to new work, may well help to explain why rates were allowed to stay so loose for so long before the crisis broke. employment report released last Friday was passably strong, the overall picture is of an economy that is going to take a long, long time to return to anything approaching full employment. The drop in the unemployment rate to 8.9 percent looks good at first glance, but the rate is flattered by a drop in labor force participation that is probably itself a marker of weak employment conditions. If the same percentage of the population were in the labor force as before the financial crisis, unemployment would be 12 percent. To be sure, technology is not the principal reason for the jobs mess that lies at the feet of the bursting bubble but there are interesting reasons to think job losses tied to newer technology may be making the recovery that much more difficult. Of course technology has been destroying old ways of making a living for a very long time think of blacksmiths and the automobile and the huge mass of evidence indicates that technological efficiencies are associated with both economic growth and rising demand for labor. That being said, two forces associated with recent spikes in productivity, the Internet and very cheap and very powerful computer processing power, are of recent advent and may be doing a lot to encourage the Federal Reserve to keep conditions easy. These forces are neatly illustrated by two recent stories in the financial press. Large retailers are increasingly turning away from so called big box stores, according to the Wall Street Journal, in part because of competition from the Internet. Home Depot, Wal Mart and Best Buy are all shifting in different ways towards smaller stores. This is bad for employment in a number of ways; directly it means louis vuitton neverfull gm fake fewer staff for smaller stores and indirectly for the construction and real estate industries. This also ties in with a trend evident in the last holiday season of stores, short term retail outlets set up by major brands to build awareness but without a commitment to staff or to maintain the store long term. It is not just shop assistants and construction workers who are finding themselves on the wrong side of the cutting edge of technology. A fascinating New York Times article from Friday detailed the ways in which software is being used to do work that used to fall to lawyers. This is the formerly time consuming and tedious business of sifting through documents as part of the process of the part of a lawsuit when both sides must make available to the other documents which may contain pertinent facts. What used to add up to hundreds of billable hours now can be done much more quickly and cheaply by software programs which search documents for terms, concepts and specific information. Who knows, rather than cutting louis vuitton bags gold coast back employment for lawyers perhaps this will cut the cost of litigation to the point where more people engage in it, but somehow I doubt we will all end up suing each other for a living. If high end workers like lawyers find themselves hurt by the forces of technology, perhaps even more of the benefits of economic growth will be channeled towards the very top of the economic tree. can stand by and watch. The pressure, more indirect than direct, to keep rates easy to keep the machine of consumption trundling along will be strong. Arguing that current historical conditions are exceptional is almost always foolish. That being said, it is very striking that the past 20 years or so have seen huge leaps in technology and a much more globally integrated economy. Those forces don look to be weakening, in fact they may be accelerating. This will make it harder for the Federal Reserve to tighten, despite signs of strength in the economy. (At the time of publication James Saft did not own any direct investments in securities mentioned in this article. He may be an owner indirectly as an investor in a fund.) In these challenging times there is much to do yet no structure to do it. The many out of work need help and the many out of work could help money is being spent and many simple, basic things to do to keep our country going are not being addressed. We have a workforce. We have things to be done. Time to account and train for those so called un fill able jobs. Time to beef up on safety factors. Please put us to work. A new volunteer service for Homeland Security, EPA, Disaster, Health and Security services for the disenfranchised in a four day per person work week would quickly change the tide and greatly improve the health and security of our country. There must be a way to do this that will make our founders smile upon us. Enhance capability without over burdening industry by moving wasted help dollars and write offs to result based solutions to our many basic problems. Please give us some hope. Please allow us to improve our infrastructure. Posted by phyvyn Report as abusive For decades, Presidents have used the inflow of social security revenues to funds pet projects. Bush were able to fund deficit producing tax cuts and military spending by siphoning monies from Social Security, and do so without adding to inflation. Some of the monies were replentished in the 90 but money started to run out midway into the administration of George W. Bush. The effect of deficits was now accentuated a decline in the value of the dollar as the currency began to flood currency markets.

And the trend, temporaily stayed during the crisi and buy back by the Federal Reserve, is set to accelerate as both Social Security and the Federal Reserve are depleted as currency sinks. The dollar might undergo a corrective rise in the weeks ahead, but the trajectory of decline may steepen later this year into next year. Posted by SanPa Report as abusive 7 louis vuitton outlet EcU Louis Vuitton Bags TyS Louis Vuitton Handbags BiX Louis Vuitton Outlet TwU Louis Vuitton Bags EuX Louis Vuitton Handbags WdE Louis Vuitton Neverfull GfS Louis Vuitton Outlet DkB Michael Kors Outlet Xio Michael Kors Outlet BtB Michael Kors Hamiton XqE Michael Kors Handbags ElE Michael Kors Sale TqS Coach Factory Outlet ByX Coach USA Eto Coach Factory Outlet DiB Coach Factory Outlet Online RlX Coach Factory Outlet Online Eyo White Infrared 6s For Sale RiS Louis Vuitton Outlet Online XwB Louis Vuitton Handbags DyB Louis Vuitton Purses XtX Louis Vuitton Handbags YdS Louis Vuitton Outlet Store EqE Michael Kors Sale GuX Michael Kors Handbags BlS Michael Kors Wallet WwX Michael Kors Outlet WcX Michael Kors Factory Outlet RlX.

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