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A Punishment By Gods Or Climate Change Small scale farmers in the three northern regions of Ghana say their work is yielding them less crops due to climate change.

Non governmental organizations (NGOs) are seeking to support the farmers. Yet they have to overcome superstitious beliefs. Amisina Adongo is standing between scattered mango trees that are enclosed between fields for agricultural training. She has been farming for more than thirty years. But still there are new things to learn, that's why she is attending a Climate Change adaptation workshop in Bolgatanga. "Farming has become disappointing", says the strong woman in her fifties. "The sun shines more than before, and louis vuitton neverfull neiman marcus it rains less." Amisina and her group of women farmers speak Gurune. louis vuitton alma vs speedy In this language, the month of May is called Siksaa, which means rainfall. The women say the used to sow millet and vegetables after the big rains louis vuitton iphone 4 case amazon uk in the first week of May, but now it is already June, and the rains haven't come. Janet Ayenga from Yikene community says that the changing of rainfall patterns have affected production. "We no longer have good yield of our millet louis vuitton mens bracelet uk as we use to have. We are thinking of going into maize farming instead, because we have heard that the maize can somehow withstand the weather better than the millet." Group of women farmers speaking to journalists field experts. Photo Nyaaba The women started feeling the change more than a decade ago and believed it to be a curse. "It is a punishment by the smaller gods", says Atoama Atule from the Yorogo community. According to her, the communities in the north of Ghana used to be more peaceful. "Now there are abortions, murder, armed robbery and several ways of wasting innocent lives and blood." Atoama believes that the cause of the excessive heat and lack of rain is immoral behavior like the performing of funerals during farming season or farming in the evil forest. Benjamin Fiafor, the regional field manager of Farm Radio International, believes there are scientific reasons for the erratic rainfalls. Most scientists agree that the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that are emitted by industries are changing the weather all around the world. According to research, several factors are making the north of Ghana especially vulnerable to Climate Change: Many people living in the north depend on agriculture as a source of livelihood, there has always been little rain in the region, and the amount of rain has even been decreasing. A recent study by the World Bank estimates that by the year 2030 Sub Saharan Africa will lose about 40 percent of its maize growing land to drought and heat due to Climate Change. "The situation needs immediate attention", says Benjamin Fiafor. Farm Radio International is one of many organisations that are supporting farmers in the three northern regions in order to prevent people from losing their livelihoods. For example, Farm Radio International cooperates with Care International, CIDA, GIZ and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Together, the organisations educate farmers in issues like irrigation, the use of fertilizer or crop rotation through radio programmes and training workshops like the one the women are attending. "We cannot prevent climate change from happening", says Benjamin. "But we can help farmers to adapt to its consequences." If the rains are not falling, water conservation and irrigation can help to maintain the crop yield. In the year 2000, only 0.

5 percent of the cultivated area in Ghana was irrigated, and still the level is low. Under changed weather patterns, the same crops might be planted at different times, or the farmers might plant different crops altogether. Amisina Adongo is the only one coming from Yorogo, and she will go back to educate the other farmers in her group together with experts from Farm Radio International.

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