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    Rossmore MM discount sale m042277e
    Rossmore MM discount sale m042277e

Rossmore MM discount sale m042277e


* Patent leather trimmings
* Golden brass plaque inspired by heritage Louis Vuitton trunks
* Short detachable strap for hand or shoulder carry
* Two exterior pockets on reverse
* Magnetic button closure
* Zipped interior pocket and c...

Footage shows Emu attack cyclist near the Cotter River It was then that the flightless bird went into full protection mode it ruffed its feathers, made a drumming noise with its throat and extended its neck up as far as possible.

"It did louis vuitton bags on ebay all these things like it's trying to intimidate you," Mr Wilson said. "I was on my bike facing it so I had to turn around and when I got about five metres away to a distance it was comfortable with it just stopped and turned around." A few minutes replica louis vuitton shoes guangzhou later he saw another cyclist, who he had earlier warned about the louis vuitton neverfull kokemuksia emus when he first rode past, also stop to take a photo. Mr Wilson quickly took his iPhone out and recorded the emuchase thesecond cyclist. Luckily, both cyclists escaped uninjured. Mr Wilson was "startled" but understanding of the situation as he assumed the emu was protecting its young. "All I wanted was a happy snap of the emus beside the road. But it was great to see that wildlife you don't tend to see it unless it is in captivity." Ranger in charge at the Murrimbidgee,Shelley Swain, said it was the first year Access Canberra had received complaints about emus chasing people. She believed it was one particularly protective male emu who could have been experiencing his first breeding season. In light of the recent reports, she said Access Canberra will erect signage along the Cotter warning people not to approach the emu. "Thebest thing to do would be to gently walk away because they're just protecting their young andonce they realise the threat is gone they will typically stop chasing," shesaid. "We are in breeding season now so people shouldn'tfeed them because as soon as we see people lure louis vuitton shoes made in italy them into food they will keep coming down for it and that's when they start that behaviour." While it is the first year any such incidents have been reported in the ACT, it's a differentcase elsewhere in Australia. Last year, a man in his 50s copped a 25 centimetre cut to his left forearm when an emu got spooked and lashed out near Maryborough in Queensland.

It seems Canberrans can add 'emu' to the list of animals they should be wary of when roaming the bush capital. In August, Kerry Evans suffered more than 20 bites and lacerations across her body after she was attacked by a large wombat while walking her dogs in a suburban street in Banks, in south Canberra. A few years earlier, ACT Municipal Services Minister Shane Rattenbury escaped with some gashes on one leg and bruising on the other after being attacked by a kangaroo on his morning run.

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