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Marie Rose Wallet official online sale Y798936V


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G Wells and the big chill in Canberra's 1939 heatwave As we write, all Canberrans are going ''Phew! It's hot!'' (or sometimes less printable words to that effect).

louis vuitton authentication forum Young ran opportunistic newspaper advertisements with the bold heading ''Phew! It's hot. Beat the heat at J. B. Wells' War Of The Worlds. ''For seven consecutive days residents of Canberra have experienced temperatures in excess of the century. Yesterday's maximum of 107.4 degrees [Fahrenheit, 41.8C] was reached at 3.30pm. Extreme heat continued until midnight and at 11pm, the temperature reading was 98.4 degrees, with a humidity of 67 per cent. Canberra has experienced little relief from the trying conditions, the heatwave being the longest on record. ''Many extraordinary sights were witnessed in Canberra last night. Some residents, in order to escape from the intense heat, endeavoured to get cool under the water which was being sprayed on their lawns. Occupants of cars, finding the heat unbearable, left their vehicles and, clad in singlets and shorts, stretched out on the grass plantations along Commonwealth Avenue. Heat was largely responsible for many bicycles being disabled through the melting of solution [glue] on puncture patches on tyres.'' Distinguished boffins here for the science congress (it was held at Telopea Park school) must have wondered why they had come somewhere so hellish. The Times reported that the congress opened ''in an eerie yellow light caused by the sun's rays passing through a cloud of smoke from bushfires raging 30 miles west of Canberra''. Sessions were poorly attended ''with many delegates remaining in the cool lounges of their hotels''. War was looming in Europe and on an evening of the blistering week Wells gave, in the Albert Hall, an uncompromising speech about how mankind seemed to be doomed. He thought the English speaking and Latin speaking peoples represented mankind's one faint hope. Some who heard him may have gone home to have nightmares that night, because he foresaw a future in which just one brutish race, the Germans, perhaps, or the Chinese, would rule the world and exterminate all other races, not even retaining them as slaves. Perhaps, upon reaching home that night, some shaken Canberrans sought comfort in a glass of Scotch poured on the ''rocks'' from their trusty Frigidaires. Family stories add poignancy to Misery's origin As nattered in one of last week's consciousness raising columns, suburbia is creeping out towards louis vuitton shoes justin bieber the Molonglo Valley's evocatively named Misery Hill and Misery Point. The pioneering suburbs of Coombs and Wright are under way. A reader wondered if anyone among this history conscious column's readership knows what lies behind these unhappy names. Brian Blundell stresses that he doesn't know for louis vuitton briefcase real or fake certain when and why the two places acquired these lugubrious names. However, ''We have a few family history bits and pieces relating to Misery Hill louis vuitton bags new zealand and Misery Point.'' ''One of the early Blundell boys [Isaac] in the 1870s took up a selection at [today's] Misery Point called Riverview While I don't exactly know why or when Misery Hill got its name, there's a number of events that could have given rise to it. The original hut on Isaac's place was too close to the river and was washed away in a flood.

So they built another house further up the hill, the remains of this house and orchard are still visible. ''In 1902, Isaac and his wife [Emily Shumack] lost a newborn baby there and the baby was buried at Misery Point. Isaac died there of pneumonia in 1910.

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