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Literature and Creative Writing This guideline outlines the steps students must take to prepare an MA thesis for the Department of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor.

Graduate students and their supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the MA thesis comply with University of Windsor guidelines. Students, please consult your thesis supervisor or the department graduate chair to ascertain more details about rules and instructions pertaining to your MA progress and thesis. The following regulations are written in accordance to those outlined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please see their website for more information about the specifics of the graduate MA thesis. Students proposing to write a thesis must submit a prospectus to the Department by April 15, of their first academic year. The prospectus will be read by three faculty members who share expertise in the proposed field, and each faculty member will return an evaluation by April 30. If absolutely necessary, students will have until Sept 1 to revise the prospectus. Students are advised to approach potential supervisors before handing in their prospectus. Finding and choosing an appropriate supervisor for the topic as well as receiving comments from a supervisor about the project are vital to the thesis writing process. The prospectus should be prepared in consultation with a member of the louis vuitton bracelet sale graduate faculty of the Department the proposed supervisor who is a specialist in the area of the proposed research. Below is some general information about the nature of the prospectus. A prospectus is a formal, detailed research plan. It will usually be four double spaced typewritten pages (approximately 1000 words), not including bibliography. The prospectus clearly sets out the scope and nature of the project, including the generic, historical, theoretical, and cultural contexts, and should speak to the methodology as well as to the contribution to knowledge of the final thesis. The prospectus should be accompanied by a bibliography of primary and secondary texts necessary to the enquiry; it should be written in scholarly prose, and should contain the following elements: 1. Statement of the problem. This statement should address the nature and scope of the thesis inquiry, its particular genre(s) and context(s), central questions or problems, etc. 2. Statement of previous work on this problem. An exploration and evaluation of previous scholarly and creative publications that address the area(s) of inquiry. Students should cite other literary works that have tackled this problem critically and/or creatively. Students should indicate the place of their inquiries in ongoing scholarly and/or creative publications, and suggest ways in which their project contributes to knowledge. 3. Statement of methodology. A clear exposition of the research methodology students will employ in their project. Such a statement shows the literary/theoretical approach students will take in their own writing, as suggested in the bibliography as well as the body of the prospectus; the thesis prospectus may include a division into chapters and sections, if appropriate. 4. A statement of the project feasibility. Include an assessment of library and other resources necessary to the project, as well as a timeline for completion. Students should mention which graduate courses they have taken, or will take, that will complement and support their thesis research. 5. Finally, the thesis prospectus should provide a clear proposal of expected critical results and research outcome. 1. The thesis project is louis vuitton large agenda refill 2013 a scholarly (which includes creative) research project that shows evidence of critical analysis and understanding on a topic approved by the student supervisor and acknowledged by louis vuitton bracelet keep it the programme coordinator. 2. The thesis must be the student own work. The thesis must consist of writing begun after the student entered the MA program. Working with the student at the level of editing will be part of the learning process between the student and he/r supervisor. 3. No more than 15% of writing handed in for credit in any three credit graduate seminar (or 30% for any six credit seminar) may be used toward the MA thesis itself. 4. All theses must be submitted in English. Students must observe conventions of English grammar and spelling. The English Department recommends the MLA style for theses. The single most important aspect of style is consistency. 5. The University expects that all researchers will adhere to the proper standards of intellectual honesty in the written or spoken presentation of their work, and will at all times acknowledge in a suitable manner the louis vuitton bags sale online contribution made by other researchers to their work. 6. The text and any accompanying material must be clear and error free. 7. The thesis should be between 80 and 120 pages, including the works cited page. 1. Use white bond, 20 lb paper, 8 x 11 inches (21.5 x 28 cm). Do not use erasable paper or thin computer paper. 2. Every page must have the same margins: 1 inches (3.8 cm) on the left, 1 inch (2.5 cm) everywhere else. It is essential that these margins be observed, as text extending into the margins could be destroyed in the binding process. 3. The thesis may be left justified or fully justified, but justification must be consistent throughout the thesis. 4. The title of the thesis as it appears on the Title Page must be identical to the title found on the Approval Page, including capitalization and punctuation. 5. Typed lines should be double spaced, with the exception of notes, long quotations, figure captions, and references. The typeface must be clear, black, and the type size should be 12 point font, though a smaller typeface may be used for appendices. Printers must produce letter quality print. If in doubt about acceptability of print, bring a sample to the Office of Graduate Studies. 6. Each page must be assigned a page number. All preliminary pages (those preceding the main text of the thesis) are assigned lower case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, etc.), while pages in the body of the thesis are assigned Arabic numerals (beginning with which run consecutively to the end of the thesis. upper right, bottom centre of page, etc.), as long as the location is consistent. Students should not begin new pagination sequences at the beginning of appendices. If appendices include material taken from other sources on which page numbers already appear, they must also carry numbers conforming to the pagination of the thesis or dissertation. 1. 2. 3.

4. Material that has been published by the student may be used as part of the thesis, provided that this material stems from work done during the student graduate registration at the University of Windsor. In other words, any writing from before the student began the MA programme is not to be included in the MA thesis.

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