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Sherwood PM sales discount 993137bb


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Dutton slams ABC over Manus incident Federal Immigration minister Peter Dutton is calling for the ABC to apologise after the broadcaster claimed an incident on Manus Island, involving a young boy, wasn't true.

The minister last week said PNG defence personnel may have opened fire because three asylum seekers were spotted leading a five year old boy towards the immigration centre. 'When you've got the ABC and others who are relying on the reports and accounts of people who have been convicted of fraud and have been excluded from parliament and they're taking their word over louis vuitton neverfull g the word of the Australian government then I frankly think the ABC has lost the plot,' he said. 'In relation to a lot of the journalists, they've morphed into advocates and they've lost control of any dispassionate view of this circumstance.' Mr Dutton confirmed he has information that isn't public and he still believes the incident sparked a shooting at the Papua New Guinea immigration detention centre on Good Friday. The immigration minister again stood by his version of events and called for the ABC to make an apology. 'What I said was factual, I stand by it 100 per cent and I'm not going to be cowered into a different position when I know what I've said to be the truth,' he said 'I expect the ABC and Fairfax and others louis vuitton bags damier to be making an apology in the next 24 hours given the revelations that have been released in relation to their discredited witness.' It comes after Manus province police commander David Yapu told media the boy in question was 10 and he was taken to a tent where asylum seekers were packing louis vuitton neverfull koster food, given some fruit and sent away again all about a week before the shooting. This version is reportedly backed up by CCTV footage, which Mr Dutton said may be released after a police investigation. Mr Yapu blamed the shooting and brawl which injured at least one asylum seeker on 'drunken' soldiers, while the PNG Defence Force says it was sparked by an altercation on a nearby football field when asylum seekers refused to leave the ground at their curfew time. Mr Dutton said he raised the incident with the boy in response to questions about the 'elevated mood' on the ground that may have led to the shooting. That mood was also ramped up by the recent charging of two asylum seekers with sexual assault, the minister said although louis vuitton shoes toronto they deny the charges and have yet to face court.

'I believe, very strongly, that there was a ramping up of the tension on the ground, we have seen allegations and charges in relation to a number of sexual assaults,' he said. 'The fact remains a number of males who were within the population on Manus Island were involved in leading a young boy into the detention centre and that matter is being investigated.'.

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