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    Bellflower PM official sale online 523LL421

Bellflower PM official sale online 523LL421


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Delightful detective bows out in quirky Death in Paradise WILL HE TALK TO HIS LIZARD? Kris Marshall is the new detective in paradise, DI Humphrey Goodman.

louis vuitton agenda pm dimensions Death in Paradise also stars Sara Martins as DS Camille Bordey. Denis GuyenonFans of this quirky crime series will miss DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller), the straight laced London detective banished to a lush, humid island paradise in the Caribbean. We warmed to the eccentric Poole, who lives in a house with a tree growing through it, talks to his pet lizard and insists on wearing a very British suit in north Queensland like humidity. He brusque, highly intelligent and sees through the most tangled murders in a very Poirot like manner, including gathering his suspects together at times to deliver his deductions. Poole departed in a typically Death in Paradise manner, stabbed through the heart in episode one of season three, and a new lead, DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall), has stepped in. Disorganised and gawky, Humphrey bumbling eccentricity and crime solving style meant he didn make a good first impression on DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins), Fidel Best (Gary Carr) and Dwayne Myers (Danny John Jules). Though the boyishly charming louis vuitton agenda stickers Humphrey at least is keen to be in Saint Marie, unlike Poole. He even moves louis vuitton neverfull dupe into his predecessor beach house. (We sure he and the lizard will get on well.) Still, there more to Death in Paradise than its lead. It set in the lush, green and beautiful fictional island of Saint Marie (really Guadeloupe). The heat is wet and relentless and it always summer. The pace of life is slow, or so it seems. Regardless of the grizzly deaths, the setting is so enticing that watching Death in Paradise is likely to make you want to throw in the job and go and live on Saint Marie, preferably in a beach house with a tree (and a lizard) in it. The louis vuitton shoes italy supporting roles are wonderful. Sara Martins is quite charming as DS Bordey. We enjoyed the tension between Bordey and Poole. With French ancestry, she often despaired of her superior, but is in fact fond of him. All up, it a wacky old police office in Saint Marie, with a mix of enchanting characters part of this series charm. Death in Paradise doesn take itself too seriously; it light hearted and fun. If you like your crime with a sense of humour, Death in Paradise is a must watch on Saturday nights. SHOWING: DEATH IN PARADISE, ABC1, Saturdays, 7.30pm.

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