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Faces in the Crowd The recent trend toward crowdsourced advertising reached new heights during this year's Super Bowl.

Five finalists were selected in Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest, with some of those ads actually debuting during the game. As it turns out, one of the winning production teams wasn't new to crowdsourcing. Bill Federighi and Brett Snider had also created a winning ad for the Converse Gallery campaign, which makes Federighi and Snider what you might call Serial Crowdsourcees, something of an anomaly in the nascent field of crowdsource studies. Daren Brabham, a louis vuitton birthday cake in atlanta new contributor to this blog, contacted Federighi and Snider for an installment to our interview series. Brett Snider replied on behalf of the both of them, and his responses speak (in some very colorful phrasing, no less) to some of the previous discussions that have happened on this blog regarding crowdsourcing. From here, I turn the blog over to Daren and Brett: Brett: I am from Des Moines, Iowa. when I was 19 to attend film school. I went to a school called Columbia College Hollywood (CCH) in Tarzana that nobody has ever heard of. That's where I met Bill. I'm 25 years old and my skills are likened to that of an elk. Bill grew up in louis vuitton purses epi leather Chicago and is 25 years old. After he switched from Indiana University to Loyola University, he finally moved to Los Angeles and ended up at CCH, where we met. All CCH really provided us was an opportunity to use equipment. What crowdsourced work have you done in the past? Tell us about the contests you've entered and what kind of work you submitted to them. Our first user generated spot was for a Converse contest. We were one of the winners and our spot played on television for a month or so. About a year later we heard about the Doritos contest and it seemed like it would get a lot of attention so we had to enter. We came up with two louis vuitton neverfull pm replica concepts and submitted them under separate names to help our chances of winning. Do you consider yourself an amateur or a professional or somewhere in between? So far we are amateurs but we're trying to change that. I appreciate the people that call us professionals, even if it's not with the best intentions. We're doing whatever it takes to get some recognition. We produce the spots ourselves and with our own money which louis vuitton pink vernis agenda makes us amateurs. Suggesting that someone with formal training is a professional is mind numbingly ignorant. To see an example of this go to any film school's end of the semester film festival. Rest of the Q continued after the jump. The Super Bowl was good. It was long. We were there for a week, which seemed a little excessive, but all in all it was a good experience.

They were very liberal with free food and alcohol which was nice. We also got miniature replica football helmets signed by JohnHave you done any other work that is not necessarily crowdsourced in nature? We've also done a music video for a band, Liars. What are the skills you apply to crowdsourcing? What are some unique perspectives that you feel you bring to the process.

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