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    International Wallet stock clearance sale 053603kQ
    International Wallet stock clearance sale 053603kQ

International Wallet stock clearance sale 053603kQ


* Monogram vernis canvas, leather trim, golden brass pieces
* Snap closure
* Dix credit card slots, two long pockets for bills and papers
* Inside coin pocket with snapped flap closure, pen case
The internatio...

Here's why Raman will kill Ishita Yeh Hai Mohababtein fans recently suffered a panic attack after watching some footage in a promo showing Raman (Karan Patel) pushing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) off the cliff.

While some wondered how a loving husband like Raman could murder his wife, others wondered why it was necessary, since Ishita was going to be hanged in louis vuitton agenda damier azur any case. Well, here's the truth behind why Raman killed Ishita. As we all know, Ishita has been wrongly convicted for advocate Chaddha's murder and Raman is hell bent on getting her freed. But since all the legal options are exhausted and Ishita's execution date is nearing, Raman will devise a plan to save her from the gallows. He will push Ishita off the cliff, but she will be saved and sent into hiding. Now don't ask us how Raman will manage to take Ishita, who is in police custody, to the cliff, and how she will survive the fall. Also read: Ishita gets death sentence for murder Meanwhile, that's only the first part of Raman's plan to prove Ishita's innocence. In the second part, Raman will announce he wants to marry Ishita's lawyer Nidhi much to his family's horror. While the louis vuitton bucket bag gm Bhalla family will be mourning Ishita's death (she will be presumed dead after the fall from the cliff), Raman will plan a dinner date with Nidhi. The date will be a ploy by Raman to get Nidhi drunk and take the actual video recording of Chaddha's murder from her. Also read: Raman shoots Ishita dead? Now if you still can't figure out why Nidhi wants to marry Raman, don't worry. A flashback sequence will be introduced in an upcoming episode explaining Nidhi's obsession with Raman. Nidhi will be shown as being madly in love with Raman in the louis vuitton shoes saks past, but he will reject her advances to marry Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) and then Ishita. Losing Ishita's case was her revenge for the insult. But that's not all. Another twist is already planned. According to reports, Raman will seize louis vuitton purses tivoli the tape and try to get Ishita freed, but Nidhi will have his kids kidnapped and blackmail him. Following that, Raman will apparently die, paving the way for a time leap. Post the leap, Ishita will be seen paired up with ACP Abhishek (played by her real life fiance, Vivek Dahiya, and a ploy by the producers to cash in on the couple's chemistry).

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