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Hitler Didn't Like Indians I don see how Hitler destroyed India.

Last I checked, Hitler fought louis vuitton at saks fifth avenue raleigh the British, allied with Subhas Chandra Bose and planned on arming and liberating India. That is why he developed freindship with many non European peoples from the farely advanced to the by Western standards primitive peoples like Arabs, Tibetans, North Africans ect. Infact Nazi philosophy taught that nature created portions of "Living space" for each race, specie, ect. Hitler actually saw what Britian was doing colonially as "against nature", or against the will of nature; many times he claimed that oversea Empire drain the life from the the one who plays the role of master. In Hitler political testament, he said this about the difference between colonization and what he had been doing in the East: "As far as continental people are concerned, I am sure that it second hand louis vuitton bags japan is important that they should expand only in those directions where it is certain that the soil of conquerors and conquered are contiguous. This need to become properly enrooted applies to all continental peoples and particularly, in my opinion to the German people. And that most probably explains why we have never really felt the urge to become colonizers. A glance at history, both ancient and modern, will show that overseas enterprises have always in the long run impoverished those who undertook them. They have all, in the end, been exhausted by their efforts; and, in the inevitable nature of things, they have all succumbed to forces to which either they have themselves given birth or which they have themselves re awakened. What better example of this than the Greeks?" That may seem a suprize, but those are Hitler words, here are some more from "The Political Testament of Adolf Hitler": "Spain, France and Britain have all enfeebled, devitalized and drained themselves in these vain colonial enterprises. The continents to which Spain and Britain gave birth, which they created piece by piece, have today acquired a completely independent way of life and a completely egoistical outlook. Even so, they are but artificial worlds, with neither a soul, a culture or a civilization of their own; and judged from that point of view, they are nothing more than excrescences". Concerning his opinion of the success of "colonization" and "Christianization" of non European culters, his reaction was a blend of pure regret (specifically becuase of the dogmatic deceptions of the Christian religon) that other races had been cursed with haveing to "know" about such dogmatic conceptions as was forced on the Europeans; and on his other practical side he could see that the attempt simply did not work; to quote his political testament again segment 3: "It is, of course, possible to make out a case for the success achieved in peopling continents which before had been empty. The United States and Australia afford good examples. Success, certainly but only on the material side. They are artificial edifices, bodies without age, of which it is impossible to say whether they are still in a state of infancy or whether they have already been touched by louis vuitton alma 1997 senility. In those continents which were inhabited, failure has been even more marked. In them, the white races have imposed their will by force, and the influence they have had on the native inhabitants has been negligible; the Hindus have remained Hindus, the Chinese have remained Chinese, and the Moslems are still Moslems. There have been louis vuitton neverfull inspired no profound transformations, and such changes as have occurred are less marked in the religious field, notwithstanding the tremendous efforts of the Christian missionaries, than in any other. There have been a few odd conversions the sincerity of which are open to considerable doubt except, perhaps in the case of a few simpletons and mentally deficients. The white races did, of course, give some things to the natives, and they were the worst gifts that they could possibly have made, those plagues of our own modern world materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism and syphilis. For the rest, since these peoples possessed qualities of their own which were superior to anything we could offer them, they have remained essentially unchanged. (Hitler realized that non Europeans had retained their racial pride unlike the Europeans who had lost their soul to the deceptions of Christianity) Where imposition by force was attempted, the results were even more disastrous, and common sense, realizing the futility of such measures, should preclude any recourse to their introduction. One solitary success must be conceded to the colonizers: everywhere they have succeeded in arousing hatred, a hatred that urges these peoples, awakened from their slumbers by us, to rise and drive us out. Indeed, it looks almost as though they had awakened solely and simply for that purpose! Can anyone assert that colonization has increased the number of Christians in the world? Where are those conversions en masse which mark the success of Islam? Here and there one finds isolated islets of Christians, Christians in name, that is, rather than by conviction; and that is the sum total of the successes of this magnificent Christian religion, the guardian of supreme Truth! Taking everything into consideration, Europe policy of colonization has ended in a complete failure. I have not forgotten the one instance of apparent success, but a success that is purely material, and it is of that monster which calls itself the United States that I wish to talk. And monster is the only possible name for it! " That may seem like very revolutionary talk for Mr. Hitler, it would sound "anti white" to supremists who given a hellish name to peoples of European decent, but this precisly what he felt was demoralizing Europe. Apparently he thought it was more neccissary for every nobal culter on the various continents to "establish living space", to rule justfully and therefor take the lead of their race, Furthurmore, he did infact have great admiration for the great accomplishments of many of the lands occupied by the British, and he greatly honored the contrabutions that Arabs, Indians, Chinese, and many others made to knowlege and science, and he recognized that the british had no business occuping any of these lands, and that it was the British, not the Indians that were the savages cloaked in the gown of "civilization". The British treated great culters as if they had nothing to offer, they did not even treat them as "nobal savages" as the Hitler viewed his indeginous allies (like Tibetans, North Africans ect.) I think oppression is always wrong, but the only races Hitler wanted gone were the ones that had absolutly nothing to offer. I don think he would have gotten rid of native Americas becuase they have much to offer, they are by majority a wise race. But if a people is both primitive and brutal, then why should anyone put up with that? And God forbid they are higher in numbers than a creative people! That would be good by everything great! That is why Hitler felt it was Germany responsibility to fight the masess of Russian barbarians, so that they would not attack Europe and eventually non Europeans. Hitler saw that the masess of Slavs were no different than the hords of Mongls that the Chinese were forced to fight and so he saw that all advanced races and civilizations needed defense against larger amounts of barbarians who lacked all moral scruples.

Hitler felt he was cleaning Europe, he did not seek to clean the world. India in it history has also defended itself against threatend arab attacks, so it knows what it is like to have masess of primitives who are willing to kill good peacefull and creative people. Hitler often talked of "Indian superiority" he claimed that "If we (Germans) were to rule India, the very first thing we would do is finish up by quickly proveing that India has a civilization older than our own".

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