louis vuitton taiga leather briefcase

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    Speedy sale V986477X
    Speedy sale V986477X

Speedy sale V986477X


* Lambskin embroidered with stripes of metallic Monogram canvas
* Natural cowhide leather and metallic lambskin trimmings
* Zipped closure with padlock
* Double interior flat pocket
* Protective bottom studs
* Soft microfibre lining ...

Film Permits The City of Newark requires a $2 million of liability insurance.

The insurance requirements have changed. We will no authentication for louis vuitton longer be asking for hold harmless language on the insurance certificate. The updated insurance requirements are as louis vuitton taiga leather briefcase follows: The City shall be named an additional insured on the Licensee's comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policy, which shall be written up to a minimum of $2,000,000.00 in coverage. Licensee's insurance coverage shall authentic louis vuitton bags 1 be primary insurance as respect to the City of Newark, its officers, officials, employees and volunteers. Any insurance or self insurance maintained by the City of Newark, its officers, officials, employees or volunteers shall be excess of Licensee's insurance and shall not contribute with it. Additional Insured Status: The City of Newark is to be listed as additional insured for liability arising out of activities performed by louis vuitton neverfull history or on behalf of Licensee. This can be achieved by A and B, below: The following language on the face of the insurance certificate and in the policy: The City of Newark is included as additional insured. Provide the City with a copy of the Additional Insured Broad Endorsement Form. Licensee shall also maintain Workers Compensation as required by law. Film companies will not be able to hire police officers. They will have to pay the city for police service. When shooting on public property, including city streets.

The amount paid is agreed upon by the City of Newark and the film company. They are your employees for the shoot. The officers do not get involved in negotiating pay.

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