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    Sobe Clutch official sale online 12S2S305
    Sobe Clutch official sale online 12S2S305

Sobe Clutch official sale online 12S2S305


* Patent calf leather, textile lining
* Golden brass pieces
* Magnetic closure
* One zipped pocket
* Hand-held
* Large enough for makeup, keys and coin purse
The Sobe clutch is the perfect access...

Date rape drug used A date rape drugmay have been used on a woman by her meth dealer before he raped her in her Greymouth home, the Crown alleges.

But defence counselMarcus Zintl told the Christchurch District Court jury on Mondaythat the 31 year old drug dealer said the offending never happened, and the allegations arose from the woman's own methamphetamine addiction. "The complainant has either hallucinated the incident as a result of smoking methamphetamine, or has false memory as a result of smoking methamphetamine, or she is lying,"Zintl said. The defence would call expert evidence from a forensic psychiatrist who would say that consumption of P could louis vuitton ankle bracelet adversely affect aperson's perception and memory, and consumption afterwards could also affect memory. It was not unusual for people using the drug to have hallucinations. Judge Brian Callaghan and the jury were told the man had admitted dealing in methamphetamine and had been been dealt with by the courts for that. The man, who has interim name suppression, denies charges of stupefying the woman with intent to sexually violate her, and raping her, in a trial expected to last about four days. Prosecutor Andrew McRae told the jury: "The Crown alleges he administered a drug that was likely the date rape drug GHB with the intention that it would facilitate the intended rape." The man had regularly supplied the woman with methamphetamine and cannabis, and they had taken drugs together buthad no relationship. When the man went to her house on the day of the alleged attack, they made hot drinks before the woman went outside for a cigarette. When she went back inside and drank her hot drink, she began feeling tired, sick, and weak. She alleged the man then attacked her, in a struggle that broke her ranchslider door and smashed the lock. He pinned her down, removed her pants, and raped her while she struggled and louis vuitton unisex bracelet said "No", McRae said. A consultant toxicologist would give evidence that GHB was a drug that affected the central louis vuitton bags on sale original nervous system. It was a powder which dissolved into liquids, or was in liquid form in vials or small bottles. It tookeffect in 10 to 20 minutes, causing a loss of muscle tone, loss of inhibitions, relaxation, slowed heart rate and respiration. It had a soapy or salty taste but when put in a drink it louis vuitton purses las vegas was difficult to detect. "When administered it can incapacitate a person and make them very vulnerable," McRae said. Its effects were the opposite of methamphetamine, which was an "upper" which caused a rush or a high. The woman was a regular P user, who knew the effects of that drug. The woman did not make a complaint for a year, after police heard rumours and approached her about it.

She had photographed the bruising she received in the struggle and texted the photo to people who would be called to give evidence. "The Crown says he drugged her so that he could have sex with her. What he did not take into account was that she would remember what happened," McRae said.

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